Tuscany? Why Tuscany?


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Tuscany. The most sensuous region in all of Italy. No, the most sensuous in all of Europe . . . OK, the truth? It’s the most sensuous region in the whole world.

You and I are going there right now, for two weeks. You with your little computer mouse and me with my laptop in my lap and my credit card in my hand. Together we will see wonderful things, eat excellent food and drink superb wine.

OK, I will do those things, and you can read about them. But if you wish, you can do them too. (using your own laptop – and of course, your own credit card.)

These photos were taken during the light rain that preceded our arrival by bus in Siena. They are here just to give you a foretaste. Click on the small photos  to enlarge them. Oh, and there’s more text below this batch.

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